Monday, February 2, 2009

Bitter About Litter

I'm just so flipping tired of thinking, "What's so hard about throwing your burger wrapper/coffee cup/newspaper in the flipping trash?"

Cleaning up the environment is about more than a $5 billion toxic waste spill. It's about taking personal responsiblity for the junk that is in your hand - right now. I hope everyone gets bitter about litter. Bitter enough to say "Hey, dude. Not cool." when they see someone drop trash. Bitter enough to make sure you personally throw your own trash in the appropriate receptacle - every time. Maybe even bitter enough to pick up the bag blowing in the breeze, even if they aren't the one who didn't dispose of it properly in the first place. Bitter enough to speak out about the EASIEST environmental issue - one where, yes, indeed - you can make a difference.

Take litter personally. They're cluttering up your environment. Messing up your city. Trashing your planet. Feel the bitter. BE the bitter. Make the bitter work for you. Get bitter about litter.